Get The Hang of Instagram Hash Tags

The Instagram hash tags have become crucial for brands and businesses to gain a greater reaction on their photos. These famous hashtags can be spoken as a language and used quite possibly in the most interesting way to categorize pictures on Instagram.  The term hashtag before Instagram was used by popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This method for categorization of similar tweets and Facebook posts and status. Posting your pictures and using the hashtag sign (#) let you share your pictures with people of same interest. Some people also use hashtags along with their Facebook status updates or on their comments but it’s useless way of using hashtags because it does not make any changes or effect on your statuses.

How Instagram Hash Tags Work?

  • As the contextual connective tissue that groups related images together, hashtags lubricate the wheels of photo discovery and get your sullen-faced mirror selfies and vintage tinted lattes seen by more people. That exposure, in turn, results in more clicks of the “like” button. If you’ve ever taken the time to go back and tag your older photos, you’ve seen this in action; one after another, a parade of strangers will instantly start clicking the heart-shaped “Like” button under the image, sending a flood of virtual love your way.
  • Of course, the results will vary depending on which hashtags are used. Popular tags such as “#Love, #Me, #Cute and #Instagood” are logically going to lead to more exposure, simply by virtue of the fact that those tags are popping up all over Instagram and higher volume of people will wind up clicking on them.

Instagram hash tags present a great opportunity to broaden the reach of your appealing photos. Many users track multiple hashtags on a regular basis to see what pictures people are sharing with a specific topic or interest. Recognizing this, brands need to think about what hashtags are relevant to the different images they share and how they can influence existing hashtag trends. One trend on Instagram is the idea of #TBT/#Throwback Thursday which is where millions of users share old photos with their followers. Brands can capitalize on this trend by finding old pictures of their staff, offices, products or anything brand related and sharing it on Instagram using hash tags.